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Engine valve
Oil Air Fuel Filter
Rubber hose
Clutch disc
Brake lining
Automotive bearing
Automotive light
Universal joint
Automotive Instrument
Automotive hoses
Truck Oil seal
Air spring
Engine parts
Body/Chassia parts
Electrical parts
MTZ parts

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[Nov 15, 2014 Xingtai]The 3rd table tennis competition is hold in Xingtai City.Total More than 30 te...

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[Nov 10, 2014Xingtai]Mr Zheng, who is the G. Manager of the factory which profressional manufacture ...

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[Oct 25,2014 Xingtai]Our company has the cooperations with the College of Xingtai city....

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  The 2014 PK on Xingtai Network Operators the 4th Season-King “Back-Souvenir”

[15 Aug., 2014Xingtai]Our company take part in the The 2014 PK on Xingtai Network Operators the 4th ...

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